Professional Pet Grooming in Victoria, TX

Get your pet looking their best!

Your dog or cat can be the envy of the neighborhood with a little help from The Pet Resort on Main’s  pet grooming services. Whether your pup needs a clean up after a day of fun at our stimulating daycare, or a bath because he was rolling in something you don’t want to even think about your pet is guaranteed to look amazing after one of our premium services!  Our pet grooming services are available six days a week by appointment and we are convenient to Victoria, TX and the surrounding area.

Dog being grooming

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The Pet Resort on Main’s Premium Pet Grooming Service

Pets are cute and cuddly but even more so when they look great and smell fresh. We know that it can be difficult for dog and cat owners to keep their dogs clean and groomed.  That is why we provide the highest quality pet grooming services in Victoria and the surrounding area including:

  • Premium bathing
  • Breed specific grooming
  • Nail trimming or filing
  • Ear cleaning
  • De-matting and brush-outs
  • Shedding control services
  • Teeth brushing
  • Medicated baths
  • Paw conditioning
  • Skunk odor removal
  • Blueberry facials
Dog getting a hair cut

Schedule your pet’s grooming appointment today!

Reasons to Choose The Pet Resort on Main’s Pet Grooming Services

You can be sure that you’ve chosen the right place to take your dog for bathing and grooming when you come to The Pet Resort on Main.  We only use veterinarian-approved dog grooming equipment and techniques.  We understand that all dogs are different, even dogs of the same breed.  We pay very special attention to your pet’s specific needs and unique body style so that dog grooming and bathing becomes a positive experience for you and your dog or cat.

Cat being brushed and groomed

Regular Bathing and Grooming is Beneficial to Your Pet’s Health

There are many reasons that a bathing and grooming schedule should be incorporated into your dog’s regular maintenance schedule. A thorough cleaning and brushing decreases shedding and promotes a healthy coat for your dog. Properly trimmed nails are safer for your pet and you and easier on your floors. Our professional dog groomer’s trained eyes can also spot potential health risks before they become major complications. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

Bailey has always been very cautious with strangers and prefers to keep her distance. However, she must now be feeling comfortable with The Pet Resort because she has no hesitations and easily goes with the employees. Upon picking her up, she always seems so happy and looks so good.Thanks to the entire team.

- Jeremy McIntosh, Bailey's owner