Veterinarian Supervised Dog Daycare in Victoria, TX

Fun and Safe Daycare for Dogs

We’re proud to offer the first veterinarian-supervised dog daycare in Victoria, TX. Instead of worrying about your dog while you’re at work or running errands, quality dog daycare provides a special environment with safe play time while stimulating both the physical and mental needs of dogs!

Let your dog join the fun at your local doggy daycare. We are located in Texas, serving Victoria, Cuero, Port Lavaca, Edna, Beeville, Bloomington, Corpus Christi, El Campo, Goliad, Gonzales, Palacios, and Yoakum.

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Built for Canine Fun!

The Pet Resort on Main provides an enriching, professionally supervised place for dogs to exercise, socialize, and have fun. Our dedicated daycare facility offers tons of year-round fun for dogs of all ages! If you are looking for the best dog daycare near you, we offer:

  • Expansive outdoor play yards covered in clean, soft turf designed for dogs
  • Climate-controlled indoor playrooms
  • Lots of fun playground equipment like stairs, tunnels, ramps, and more
  • Bone-shaped splash pools and sprinklers for staying cool!
  • Designated indoor and outdoor play spaces for large dogs, small dogs, and puppies
  • High level of staff training with 100% supervision
  • Ask us about our Enhanced Daycare program for even more activity, games, and enrichment!

Dog daycare starts at only $34.95 per day. Discounted passes are available—call for more information.

Peggy Sue always has a great time. She pouts on the mornings she does not get to go! Everyone is always friendly and helpful. I know Peggy Sue is in good hands! Thanks for taking such great care of her!

- Sheila Martinka, Peggy Sue's owner

Dog playing in the yard

Get Your First Day of Play FREE!  

We know your dog will love it, so try us out for FREE! For new dog daycare customers only and cannot be combined with other coupons or offers.

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Superior Safety Standards

We go above and beyond to provide a safe, comfortable, and healthy place for dogs to play. We provide the optimum amount of interactive play, exercise and rest each day. And of course, our doggie daycare is always supervised, controlled, and provides positive social interaction or personalized attention.

  • Each dog daycare guest is given an initial assessment for proper group placement and to assure a safe group environment
  • Safe dog daycare play for all dogs – small dogs and large dogs are kept in separate playgroups
  • Temperature-controlled room for resting
  • Advanced ionizing air purification system
  • Individual play for human-loving or older dogs that enjoy time outside the pack
  • Customized activities for each dog’s breed, age and temperament
  • Close supervision from a highly trained, certified, loving staff at a ratio well above industry standards
Happy golden retriever

Get Your First Day of Play FREE

We know your dog will love it here! Try us for FREE! For new dog daycare customers only and cannot be combined with other coupons or offers. 

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Benefits of Dog Daycare

Dogs are social beings and often get bored or lonely when left at home by themselves all day. Dr. Travis Schaar, veterinarian and owner of Main Street Animal Hospital and The Pet Resort on Main has seen many amazing success stories of how dog daycare has changed challenging and destructive behaviors in dogs of all ages and breeds. Here’s how it helps:

Physical exercise

Most dogs want to play, play, play! When they’re stuck indoors all day, dogs don’t have a physical outlet for their energy, and they can easily end up overweight or out of good shape. Dog day camp gives dogs a place to run, romp, and play to their hearts’ content, keeping their bodies active and engaged.

Redirects challenging habits

Have you ever come home to couch stuffing all over the floor? Torn up shoes? Holes in the back yard? Noise complaints about the all-day barking? These are common signs of boredom and loneliness from having nothing to do all day. Daycare gives dogs a constructive, healthy place to channel that energy instead.


Many dogs naturally crave the company of their fellow dogs. At daycare, dogs can play with other friendly, vaccinated dogs while supervised by highly trained professionals. It’s a lot safer than the dog park!

Mental stimulation

Dogs are so smart—just another thing we love about them! But that means their brain needs something to do during the day. Instead of being alone at home, dogs at daycare enjoy interaction, attention, and enrichment.s

Get Your First Day of Play FREE

We know your dog will love it here! Try us for FREE! For new dog daycare customers only and cannot be combined with other coupons or offers. 

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Puppy Daycare and Socialization

Puppy daycare and socialization is critical for young pups at their most formative age! Your pup will exercise their social skills with other puppies and new humans while getting lots of playtime and new experiences in a safe and supervised environment. Starting puppy daycare early is an important step in your pups development. If you are looking for local puppy daycare near you, The Pet Resort on Main is the place to go. Dive into a world where every day is an adventure filled with puppy playtime, essential puppy socialization, and foundational puppy training. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Puppy socialization with other pups under professional supervision
  • Familiarization with new sights, sounds, and smells
  • Lots of safe toys and games
  • Skill development and manners
  • Puppy enrichment
  • Exercise and mental stimulation
  • Lots of fresh water and potty breaks

Your puppy’s path to success starts here! Give your puppy the best start with The Pet Resort on Main’s puppy daycare and socialization.

Happy golden retriever

Dog Daycare FAQ

What vaccinations are required?

The safety of our doggie daycare guests is our priority; therefore, we require that all pets be current on all recommended vaccinations. A copy of official records of vaccinations is required to be faxed from your veterinarian’s office or delivered prior to attending daycare.

What are your daycare hours?

Our daycare is open Monday-Friday 7am – 6:30pm. We also schedule regular fun events for doggie daycare participants including birthday and other themed parties for our guests!

Do you require reservations for daycare?

Your dog’s safety is most important to us. We maintain the best level of staffing every day, keeping our group sizes down and supervision top notch. Therefore, we do require reservations so we can plan accordingly. 

My dog doesn’t like to play with other dogs, would they still enjoy daycare?

We appreciate that some dogs would rather play with people than with the “pack.” Our personal play program includes one-on-one playtime with a staff member so your pup can have tons of fun doing whatever they like most. They’ll enjoy all the fun of our play yards, splash pools, playground and toys while soaking up the undivided attention of a caregiver.

Can I come in for a tour?

Yes, we’d love for you to see our resort. Please visit us during our operating hours to go on a guided tour with a knowledgeable staff member.

Do you require a trial evaluation?

We keep our daycare program as safe as possible by ensuring our guests are comfortable with a social play environment. Your dog’s first day is an “introduction day,” free of charge, where we get to observe your pet’s preferred play styles and determine if they’re a good fit for the group. If your pup seems to prefer playing with the staff, we have a personal play program just for dogs like him/her.

What will my dog be doing at daycare?

The short answer is—whatever makes them happy! We provide a safe place, fun toys, and room to roam, and the dogs choose what to do next. Whether it’s romp across the yard, explore the playground, splash in the paw pools or nap in the sun, daycare at (facility) is where dogs rule—with watchful supervision, of course.

Do you offer daycare packages?

Yes! Daycare is most beneficial to dogs who visit on a regular basis. We offer discounted daycare packages so your dog can make the most out of daycare while you enjoy the savings.