Luxury Cat Boarding in Victoria, TX

Your Cat’s Home Away From Home

Cats might seem pretty independent, but as a veterinarian-owned and managed business, The Pet Resort on Main knows that cats deserve lots of love too. Our Cat Boarding accommodations are clean and extra comfy.  All of our feline guests enjoy their own special cat condo that is both in a dog-free section of our luxury facility and has its own window to view the outside world. Cats will have the opportunity to exercise in our cat play room and enjoy fun activities like chase a laser as well as eat yummy treats. We’re conveniently located on Main St. in Victoria, TX and easy to get to from anywhere in our area.

Cat laying on a cat tree

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Cat Boarding Accommodations – Just the Way Cats Like Them

All of our feline guests enjoy their stay in one of our spacious condos. Our condo units can be expanded into two, three, or even four adjoining units for families with multiple cats or those who just prefer more room. Our condos provide the comfort and safety for your cat which will give you peace of mind while you’re away from home. Our guests will be taken out for play and exercise daily unless they would rather just enjoy their “home away from home” at our Cat Boarding resort here in Victoria, TX. While inside their condo, our cat guests will enjoy their own window with ledge to view the outside world.

Cat playing with a toy

Cat Boarding Activities and Services

Cats are independent by nature and lovers of attention all at the same time. The following additional activities and services provide you with a way of letting your cat get spoiled with attention while you are away.

Clean and Tidy Cat Condos

All of our cat boarding condos are thoroughly cleaned and tidied throughout the day to assure guests comfort and cleanliness. All of our cleaning products used in the play and overnight areas are environmentally green to ensure the best care and safety for our guests and to protect the environment. Our facility is also equipped with a state-of-the-art UV air disinfection system, which destroys airborne pathogens and keeps the air healthy. 

Nutritious Meals For Our Feline Guests

Cat Boarding guests will be served nutritious meals twice a day. We serve a high-quality commercial diet cat food. You are welcome to provide your cat’s favorite food during your stay. Should your cat have special needs or dietary restrictions, we will provide a feeding schedule tailored to their special needs.

Focused Play Session For Your Cat

Cats enjoy interaction and being engaged. We recommend enhancing your cat’s stay with individual sessions devoted to what your cat enjoys the most. Does your kitty enjoy playing with a toy, chasing a toy mouse, laser or just being cuddled by an adoring fan? Just tell us what your furry feline likes to do and we’ll make sure it happens.

The Spa Treatment For Cats

Does your cat love the spa treatment? Then ask our Reservation Specialist about the Furry Rub treatment where our professional staff gives a great pet massage that will generate plenty of purring.

Cat being brushed